Adventures in Orthodoxy:

Adventures in Orthodoxy is now sold out. Please go back to the bookstore page and order the new edition with a new title: Quest for the Creed. This edition has some extra content, but is essentially the same as Adventures in Orthodoxy. Drop me an email if you have any questions.

Adventures in Orthodoxy is the first edition of the book which has just been published as The Quest for the Creed.

This edition does not have the new material. The limited number of overstock copies are available at a discounted price and further reductions are available for bulk orders. Simply contact Fr Longenecker at for more information.


Christians often find the Creed as tedious as a contract, and orthodoxy dull as dirt. In these lively pages – written for Christians and non-Christians alike – Dwight Longenecker shows that, on the contrary, orthodoxy is exciting and the Creed the beginning of a grand, mysterious adventure.

Fr. Longenecker demonstrates that, like an ornate cathedral– rich with endless nuances of light and shade– the Creed teases with paradoxical possibilities; it bursts with magnificent meaning and unexpected, eternal insights. It sweeps away nihilism, challenges indifference, and uproots religion grown stale and pedestrian. In a word, says Longenecker, the Creed catapults believers to the brink of mystery and invites them to dwell there, in silent wonder and contemplation.

Here you’ll finally encounter the Creed as it really is a striking affirmation that bears us not into theological dead ends, but unto a world that never ends; not into an obsolete medieval universe – closed, dark, and dying – but unto a bright and exciting world that moves in ever increasing spirals of glory, a world to which the only natural response is a grateful and hearty “Amenl”

“Here is Catholic orthodoxy, as heavy as the universe, made to dance like the universe. Reading this is like coming upon old Augustine dressed up like St. Francis We may have another Chesterton coming along here ” Thomas Howard, author, Splendor in the Ordinary


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