card sarah

Cardinal Robert Sarah

My article this week for Aletia explores the impact the Anglican decision to suspend the Episcopalians has on the Catholic Church

The center of gravity for worldwide Christianity is shifting away from Europe and North America to Africa, Asia and South America. This shift from North to South is cultural and demographic. Christians in the South are young. Their numbers are growing. They are dynamic in their faith and energetic in their evangelization. These trends mean that for the rest of the century and beyond we will see an increasingly visible leadership from church leaders in the South and their voices will not be able to be ignored.

The African Anglican bishops have flexed their muscles. They have told the rest of the Anglicans that same-sex marriage will not be tolerated. Whether you agree with them or not, their victory in last week’s decision is important for those who study future trends in the church. Not only has this been their first important victory in the global Christian culture wars, but their firm action is already being echoed in the Catholic Church.

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