He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

The other day a parishioner was stressed out because of all the bad news in the world.

  • Muslim immigration-invasion of Europe
  • Demographic Winter
  • Abortion
  • World Poverty
  • Pollution
  • Government Corruption
  • Disintegration of Marriage and Family
  • Gross Immorality
  • Increasing Godlessness
  • Violence and Murder

I know how it feels. We read all the bad news every day and things seem to be getting worse and worse. We get bad news overload. We get compassion fatigue. We feel helpless and hopeless in the midst of the worlds’ huge and seemingly insolvable problems.

I’m learning to take a fresh approach. Maybe it is the Amish in me, but I’m tuning out. I’m not going to waste so much time reading shock horror bad news on Facebook and in the news.

Instead I’m shifting gears and I suggest you do too. Glance at the headlines and offer these things up to God in prayer and then get on with your daily life.

Live locally and love locally. Spend more time with your wife or husband. Spend more time with your kids. Spend more time with your elderly Mom and Dad. Invite people over. Volunteer with a local church group or charity. Love God. Love your neighbor and don’t worry about the world’s problems.

Let’s face it.  Politicians will always be corrupt, stupid and ruthless. When it comes to politics hope for the best and expect the worst. Continue Reading