Excuse me for the shocking headline, but this is what it means: this article in the Daily Telegraph reports that in the UK abortionists are performing abortions according to gender. This goes by the euphemism of “family balancing.” Don’t want another boy and the blood test shows your baby is a boy? Poison him, dismember him, use a chemical to flush him from your womb.

But of course, it is more often girls than boys who are unwanted. Asian cultures value sons rather than daughters and so it is the little girls who are more often killed than the little boys. Some balancing act.

I realize that the feminists are horrified that girls are chosen for the slaughter just because they’re girls, but they must see that behind the gender selection is another horror–the devaluation of human life, and the biggest cause of the devaluation of human life in our society today is abortion–which is one of the main campaigns for the feminists. In their campaign for “reproductive freedom” they destroy both reproduction and freedom.

They may be horrified that little girls are being killed just for being little girls, but the pro abortion crowd are content for an unborn child to be killed because the “college aged mom needs to finish her education” or because “another child would complicate her career plans” or “we can’t afford another child at this time” or a whole range of other reasons for her “choice”. Indeed, for the radicals the woman’s “choice” to kill her own child is so sacrosanct that she need not even have a good reason. Her freedom of choice is her reason, and so despite the weasly words we have abortion on demand for any reason at all. If these other utilitarian reasons (which no doubt seem very important to the mother at the time) are valid, and if the woman’s “choice” is all that matters, then it is just as valid for a mother to kill her unborn child because it is the “wrong” gender. Why should any pro abort be upset?

Thus, feminists kill themselves. In other words, by supporting abortion they are killing the future feminists. The culture of death will die because it supports killing. Any culture of death will die out because it kills the next generation.

The problem with this is that it take time. The culture of death in Nazi Germany didn’t die before millions were killed in concentration camps and a terrible war. The culture of death in Stalin’s Russia didn’t die until millions died in the Gulag and through starvation and miserable poverty.

We have to face the grim reality that through abortion the culture of death reigns in our Western society too, and if it prevails, our society will also die.