I invite you to join me on a fantastic cruise from Rome to the cities of St Paul in Greece and the Holy Land.

From September 27 to October 10 we’ll be traveling in the footsteps of St Paul on the Royal Caribbean ship Celebrity Reflection

While we are at sea I will be lecturing on the subject “The Gospels: History of Mystery?” In addition to the accommodation on board we will enjoy guided tours of the various cities and sites. Those who sign up with my group will travel with me and join together for daily prayers and worship on board and at the holy places.

Before or after the cruise you can also enjoy three days in Rome where we will make pilgrimage to the major basilicas and share the glory of the eternal city. If you want to experience pilgrimage Rome as part of my group sign up for the tour that takes place before the cruise sets sail.

I have come to value these annual pilgrimage tours because each time we meet new friends and experience such great graces as we travel, learn and share fellowship and worship together.

Trip Details

We will fly from New York to Rome where we board the Celebrity Reflection—the newest and sleekest of the Royal Caribbean fleet. Check out the video tour of the ship in the right sidebar. From Rome we sail to Cyprus then on to the Holy Land visiting Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Galilee. On the return journey we visit the cities of St Paul in Turkey and Greece: Ephesus, Corinth and Athens.

One of the great things about a pilgrimage tour is that the cruise liner becomes our floating hotel. Not only do we enjoy the food and amenities onboard, but also we have the advantage that we will not be in and out of busses and going from one hotel to another every night. There is plenty of time to relax and enjoy.

We are going to have a blessed and special time on this pilgrimage cruise. I hope you can join us!

September 27 through October 10 2021. Put the dates in your calendar and register soon.

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Fr Longenecker

Want to Learn More?

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COVID -19 Update – The Pilgrimage Cruise will now take place Autumn 2021

  • URGENT: If you have already signed up for the 2020 Pilgrimage Cruise and have not yet registered your choices, contact Lynn Pointer at Educational Opportunities by June 8, email address: LPointer@travelwithus.com. Phone: 1-800-247-0017 Ext 334
  • The new dates are: September 27 – October 10 2021 – With an optional 3 days in Rome before or after the cruise
  • When you register with the tour organizers make sure you mention my name and the ID number 59328 to make sure you are included in my group.
  • The Rome part of the pilgrimage is extra and you can do it before or after the cruise. If you want to be part of my tour, sign up for the days in Rome that happen BEFORE the cruise.
  • Donor Subscribers at the upper levels are entitled to a discount-rebate for pilgrimage tours, so don’t forget that benefit if you are a blog supporter.
  • Check out the YouTube video below for a virtual tour of the Celebrity Reflection–the latest and sleekest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet.