Brad tags me for this meme:

The assigned task is to list my four favorite saints, one favorite blessed, and one person I think should have been a saint. Here goes.

Four favorite saints: St Joseph, St Therese of Lisieux, St Benedict, St Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Favorite Blessed: Bl. Teresa of Calcutta

The last category is ambiguous. Am I putting down a person I wish would be a saint and isn’t? That list would be pretty long. Am I putting down a holy person who I think was a saint even though that person will not be recognized by the church formally? That’s tough because I think that person really is a saint anyway–even if the Church hasn’t formally recognized her. So am I putting down a person who I rather like, even though that person isn’t really a saint? Then it’s just popularity and not judgement on sanctity.

OK. I’m going to go with a non-Catholic who I think was very saintly, and who (if he was Catholic just might have made it on to the lists) It’s the 17th century English poet George Herbert.

If he’s not allowed it’s Julian of Norwich

I tag Mulier Fortis