Gargoyle Code and Slubgrip Instructs Special Offer


For Lent buy Gargoyle Code and Slubgrip Instructs together for just #24.95. Both books are usually $14.95



The Gargoyle Code is a collection of correspondence between Senior devil Slubgrip and trainee devil Dogwart. The letters instruct Dogwart how to tempt his young Catholic victim, err, I mean patient.

Meanwhile Slubgrip has to keep an eye on his own Catholic patient all the time watching his back because the other devils are plotting his downfall.

Gargoyle Code provides a hilarious and sobering journey through Lent for serious Catholics who are not always so serious.

The demon Slubgrip, having been betrayed and sent below, now finds himself sentenced to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University. His lectures, and those of his zany and diabolical guest professors, teach the undergraduate slugs and grubs the dark arts of corrupting popular culture.

Slubgrip Instructs makes for page turning reading at any time, but it is specially designed to be read over a period of fifty days, or during the season of Lent. The first lecture begins on Shrove Tuesday and continues through the whole season, taking the reader on an entertaining and sobering journey toward Easter.


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