Why Should You Listen to True Fairytales? 

  1. First of all, they are enjoyable.
  2.  They are short. They’re usually about 10- 15 minutes. Sometimes a bit longer.
  3. You can listen on your phone while walking or in the car
  4. They spark and kindle your imagination in ways the screen or just reading cannot do
  5. Each one has a short introduction discussing the use of fairytales
  6. It helps your children and grandchildren appreciate literature in bite sized pieces
  7. They connect with the deeper parts of your being through the imagination. No, really.
  8. They help you see the world through “sacramental eyes” rather than simply logical processes.
  9. G.K.Chesterton, J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S.Lewis all loved them.
  10. They help you stand things on their head…which is what its all about.

The Squglies is is a story I wrote when I was school chaplain. It’s been updated and revised for the True Fairytales podcast channel.

Donor Subscribers can listen here without sponsorship messages. The story is also published at BreadBox Media for those who want to listen free of charge (but with ads). I’ve added to the podcast page easy instructions on how you can listen to the podcasts on your smart phone direct from this website. If you use a podcast app you can only listen through BreadBox, Podbean, Stitch, Apple podcasts or other outlets, but if you are a Donor Subscriber just bookmark the podcast page on your cell phone’s browser and you can go there to listen. Go here for further instructions.

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