My podcast series True Fairytales is available both here on the blog and here at BreadBox Media. In this series I tell classic fairytales alternated with some I have written over the years. They are posted first here for Donor Subscribers and then a week later at BreadBox free of charge–but over there you have to listen to sponsor messages first.

There are other podcast benefits here on the blog:

Donor Subscribers can now listen to the full  podcast-audiobook of The Gargoyle Code. Go here to listen and download.

Now that job is completed I’ll be recording my new “history” series, John Allen’s Future Church. The introductory episode is available here. The Future Church introduction is also available for readers who are not Donor Subscribers here at BreadBox Media. You have to listen to sponsor messages at BreadBox. Here on the blog: no third party ads here or on the podcasts. As the episodes for Future Church are published the abridged version will be at BreadBox and the full length version here on the website.

I’m also going back to record some more True Fairytales. This series features fairy tales that I have written interspersed with classics. There is a little introduction to each episode followed by me telling the story. They make great listening for the school run, and the great thing about audio stories rather than video is that they still engage the child’s imagination.

Go here to listen and download Hansel and Gretel if you are a Donor Subscriber. To listen free go here.

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