I was about tenth in line when I turned up to vote at 6 am, and by the time the polls opened at 7 the line must have been 200 strong. Reports are that the turnout for this election is enormous.

I didn’t vote in 2016 because frankly, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either Hillary or Donald Trump.

Anyone who has read this blog will know that I am far from being a Trump supporter. There are many reasons why I’m not a Trump fan. The superficial ones are that he is crass, vulgar and inarticulate. His personal history is a blend of showman, playboy, gangster and shyster and he has no background, qualifications or skillset for the office of president of the USA.

More than these problems, I’m wary of the MAGA crowd phenomenon. It’s not part of my nature to jump on anybody’s bandwagon, and there’s enough of the Amish in me to be suspicious of every politician, billionaire and fat cat. The MAGA crowds give me the creeps–not because I’m unpatriotic, but because I fear uncritical patriotism and uncritical adulation of anyone–pop star, pope, politician, president or prime minister. I’m not a joiner and I worry about mass movements of the majority–knowing that down through history this is the kind of thing that produces demagogues.

Therefore, if I had been able to, I would have voted for the American Solidarity Party. A third party vote in South Carolina would have been acceptable because this state will almost certainly go to Donald Trump in the electoral college system. However, the American Solidarity Party did not make it onto the ticket in South Carolina and we were not permitted write in votes for President and VP in this state.

Thus frustrated, I voted for Mr Trump today because, despite my concerns, the other side is worse. Much worse. Joe Biden’s public hypocrisy as a Catholic is a stench in my nostrils. Kamala Harris’ and the Democratic party’s aggressive support for abortion up to the point of birth is an obnoxious crime that cries to heaven for vengeance. Yes, yes, I know Trump and the Republican party have not banned abortion, but at least they don’t have support of abortion as one of the key planks on their platform.

Biden and Harris are also worse because Biden is exactly the kind of career politician the Democrats say they are opposed to. He and his family have had their noses in the trough for over forty years, and their Democratic party allies are residents of “the swamp” if anybody is. Their supposed care for the poor and the needy is another example of their hypocrisy and smug establishment elitism.

So full of genuine doubts and suspicion, I voted for Trump. I did so not with a hope for any sort of utopia or any idea that he and his administration will solve the world’s problems. However, I have seen what he has done over the last four years, and in addition to bringing jobs and prosperity, he has had notable foreign policy accomplishments, worked on prison reform and made genuine efforts to help minority communities succeed and prosper. I think he stands up to the globalists–who are the most imminent threat to freedom and world peace.

Is he perfect? Far from it, but he’s better than the alternative.

The final reason I voted for Trump is that he is a genuine outsider. He may be a self serving, egotistical, bullying braggart, but he is also a thorn in the side of the smug, elitist, establishment ruling class. This is the real reason for his amazing popularity: he spits in the eye of the self righteous bureaucrats, career politicians, swamp monsters, flattering churchmen, lying media men, unelected government drones, naive ideologues and woke crybabies.

I’m still not ready to jump on the Trump train, but he got my vote–furthermore, I think there are a lot of Americans like me who stayed home four years ago, but saw the direction things are going and reckoned they better get out and hold their nose and vote for Trump.

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