from: His Eminence, Thornblade, DMn

President and Director of Communications

Department of Infernal Security

Re-Education Division


to: Heads of Department – Bowelbages University


Diabolical Doctors,

It has come to our attention that there has been a dangerous lapse in security. Our surveillance systems have been compromised, and transcripts of lectures and conversations have fallen into enemy hands.

Be reminded that you are responsible for all listening devices, drones, security cameras, two-way mirrors, monitoring systems and third-party observation technologies.

The worst leaks have been from class chamber 101 in which Slubgrip lectures on Popular Culture. Serious leaks have also emanated from The Lavatory Coffee Shoppe where he meets for lava and larva.

Commissioner Crasston has instructed the Flancks to conduct the search for rogue listening devices after hours, and Professor Slubgrip is not to be informed of the security breach. Our Father Below has reason to believe that there is more to this security problem than meets the eye. Serious cyber sabotage is suspected, with the possibility that Slubgrip may be plotting a coup within the administrative structures of the University.

Until the enquiries are complete, you are to conduct yourselves as normal with Slubgrip and ensure that all security devices for which you are responsible are properly serviced as per chapter seventeen, article forty three of the Bowelbages University Management and Manipulation Manual.

Be on the alert. Remember Our Father Below is watching.



After his humiliation recorded in The Gargoyle Code, the demon Slubgrip has been demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 (Pop Cult) in Bowelbages University.

In Slubgrip Instructs read about his diabolically cunning plan to take over the university while he teaches his scrofulous students how to corrupt human culture.

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