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In the summer of 2020 I began to produce video content for the website and YouTube. The YouTube channel is free for all and consists of my series, Myths, Monsters and the Mysteries in which I combine my interests in literature, drama and stories with the paranormal,  pyschology and myth and show how they fit into and help explain the Catholic faith. The YouTube videos are posted here as blog posts and you can also view them at YouTube here.

The extra content features the videos from my online courses. Access to these live, real time courses is by signing up as a Donor Subscriber at the Promotion Level or above. As a Donor Subscriber at that level you will automatically receive information about the courses that are running at any time and how to sign in.

It is also possible to purchase the recorded online courses as a separate, stand alone product. Go to the Online Courses section of the Bookstore to purchase access to the course you would like to take.

The lectures in the live courses are recorded, so they will also be available here for Donor Subscribers after the live event. Other video content will also be available here as it is produced.

Donor Subscribers at the Promotion level and above also gain access to all the benefits of the lower levels of subscription. To learn more about becoming a Donor Subscriber go here.

At present, the lectures from the Immortal Combat Deep Dive are available along with some extra content from the men’s conference. The recorded lectures from the new “Church in an Age of Revolution” course will also be archived here. Upcoming courses will be an Advent course on the Magi and Bethlehem shepherds, Apologetics 101 an a course in Spiritual Warfare.

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