Fr. Longenecker’s Podcasts

A New Kind of Catholic Podcast

My podcasts are different! How so?

Instead of just chatting to the microphone or interviewing people I provide researched content and drama. My history podcast Trimphs and Tragedies is a 23 part series covering the whole range of church history and in Characters of the Reformation I read an abridged version of Hilaire Belloc’s book taking a Bellocian voice. Gargoyle Code and True Fairytales are dramatic readings…and I’m working on a podcast serialized novel called Renegade Priest…so these podcasts are different from the usual fare!

How Can You Tune In?

While they are being produced, my podcasts are available free of charge through BreadBox media and most other podcast outlets.

The free podcasts will remain available through those outlets for about a month after the series is completed. If you want to listen without being a Donor Subscriber go to BreadBox Media, iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher or other free podcast outlets. The best way to listen to the podcasts at BreadBox on your cell phone is to download their app.

If you are a Donor Subscriber the podcasts will be available here before they are available on the free outlets. There are also other podcast channels here which are exclusively for Donor Subscribers. The podcasts which are free of charge at BreadBox are always available here for Donor Subscribers and they are all free from all advertising and sponsorship messages.

Go here to learn how to become a Donor Subscriber

To take advantage of podcast listening as a Donor Subscriber you need to listen and download through the website and not through the other outlets.

When listening to a podcast here you can either stream the audio or download. Streaming is fine if you want to listen all the way through, but if you want to stop and listen to more later and would like to save the podcasts to your gadget or move them to another device you need to download the file.

If you would like to download from this website, after you click the “Play” arrow the audio will start to play. You will then see to the right of the audio timeline three vertical dots. If you click there you will get a choice to Download the file. Once you have downloaded you can save the file, move it to different gadgets and listen as you see fit. On PCs using Windows, clicking “Download” also just starts the audio. Once it’s going, right-click on the audio timeline and hit “Save audio as,” it will then download to your device.

Listening on your Smart Phone

You won’t be able to listen to these website based podcasts using the podcast app on your phone because those apps only provide the podcasts that are loaded with sponsorship ads.

But it’s easy to listen using your smart phone. Just use the internet browser on your phone–e.g. Safari or Chrome– to find my website-blog. Sign in using your username and password. Then choose the “Podcast” page by touching “Go to” on the homepage. Then bookmark the podcast page. When you want to listen, just open Safari and go to the bookmark and listen to any of the podcasts.

True Fairytales


Triumphs & Tragedies


The Future Church


Characters of the Reformation


Stories of the Unexpected


Renegade Priest


Gargoyle Code


Homilies from OLR


Story of the Shroud