I enjoy getting out to speak to many different groups, and would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to know more about my availability.

I am able to speak to both small and larger groups about Apologetics, Evangelisation and Benedictine Spirituality. Past audiences have included Diocesan Pastoral Conferences, Benedictine Retreat Houses, Parish and deanery groups, National Renewal Conferences and Diocesan Renewal Groups.

People say my talks are inspiring, interesting and entertaining. I aim to keep people’s attention and discuss the topics at hand with a combination of an interesting style and solid content.

I do not have a set fee structure for my talks. Instead, I will listen to your needs and speak to your group according to your ability to meet my expenses or fees. If I am invited I ask permission to offer my books for sale as a way to recoup the expenses of my visit.