Dawkins cureCheck out Dawkins’ T-shirt sophomoric slogan: Religion. Together we can find a cure.

I expect that’s what Stalin said to his cronies as he rounded up the priests, nuns and religious, shot them or herded them off to the Gulag.

I usually don’t argue with atheists, but here is an exchange  from an atheist when I said it wasn’t worth arguing with atheists because they don’t believe in anything.

Atheist: We Atheists believe in human progress, science, and reason and the greatness of human achievement.

Dwight Longenecker: And I suppose you would wish to use the last hundred years as your “evidence”? Hiroshima. Nagasaki. Two World Wars. Pollution. Apartheid. Genocide. Population Control by forced abortion. Terrorism. Bankers “earning” billions. The Gulag. Factory Farming of Animals. Destruction of the Rain Forest. Global poverty. Extinction of species. AIDS. Auscwhitz. Rwanda. Cambodia’s Killing Fields. North Korea. Communist Russia. The Cultural Revolution. Harvesting organs from aborted and shredded unborn humans. Global Terrorism. Ethnic Cleansing. 1% controlling the world’s wealth. Genetic engineering of unwilling humans. North Vietnam. ISIS, Forced sterilization….some progress. some achievement. some reason. some science.

This really is the silliest example of atheist wishful thinking, and yet it is commonplace.

They really do believe in progress despite the horrific things I listed. And why? Continue Reading