obj_2882We’re building a new church in our parish and we’ve taken the bold step of buying a pipe organ.

The pipe organ adds beauty and dignity to our Catholic worship. It’s a traditional instrument for the solemn significance of our Catholic Mass.

We have factored the purchase price into our financial plan, but we need some help to build the organ chamber for the organ pipes and mechanical stuff to fit into.

Can you help?

Think about it. I have over 12,000 Twitter followers and 5,000 friends on Facebook.

If all 17,000 donated an equal amount each person would only need to donate $2.36.

But not everyone will donate. So what if everybody donated $5.00? We’d have $86,000.

What if all my followers donated a little and also shared the webpage and helped us get a “Go Fund Me” style internet campaign going? It could be mega!

We haven’t used “Go Fund Me”. Instead we’re using a page on our parish website.

Go here.

Read about the new organ. Watch the short video to see and hear our new organ in action.

Then click on the link and donate what you can. Remember not everyone will be able to donate so if you can make your gift as large as possible to cover those who can’t or won’t give.

If you believe in the future of traditional, beautiful Catholic worship, then please help with your donations!

Then use the share buttons to share on social media. Take a moment further if you can to use email and share it further and ask others to share.

Thanks for your help!

UPDATE: Our fund now stands at $31,504. The price of the organ chamber has come down a little to $39,000, so we only need another $7,496.

If you give a gift of $1,000 or more you may claim the naming opportunity with a plaque on the organ console.

Please give and help support good church music!