Kim Davis

Kim Davis

In watching the grilling that Cecile Richards–the CEO of Planned Parenthood received yesterday, what I found interesting was the way she deflected all questions that had anything to do with what might be right or wrong.

She made it clear that Planned Parenthood was “judgement free” and that they respected the choices the women had made about their own bodies. Time and again, when being questioned by Congressmen she said, “I respect the views of others.” or “There are different opinions on this matter which are sincerely held.” or “I understand that your views may differ from mine, and I respect that.”

Her moral relativism extended not only to the matter of abortion, but also to her financial dealings and her inability to tell the truth simply and answer questions in a simple and transparent manner.

It was obvious to me that she typifies the moral relativism that runs through our society at every level.

For the relativist there is no right or wrong. There is simply your opinion or my opinion.

Where this turns into dictatorship is that Cecile Richards’ ultimate defense was always, “This is legal in the United States. We have not broken any laws. We have done nothing illegal.”

The difficulty with that defense is not only that the individual is released from taking any moral responsibility themselves, but the individual subjects themselves completely to the law of the land. It is the Nazi defense at the death camps of, “I was only obeying orders.”

Pope Benedict termed this “the dictatorship of relativism” because it literally becomes a dictatorship.

If the law of the land is the only morality, then the government is God. If what is legal is the same thing as what is moral, then the people in charge of the law determine morality, and if the people who make and enforce the laws decide what is moral then every individual must submit as Cecile Richards and the guards at Auschwitz submitted. All must do what the government says because “It is the law of the land.”

This is why Pope Francis’ meeting with Kim Davis, and his words on the plan returning to Italy are important. Continue Reading