intfontsmallThe parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in Greenville, South Carolina was started by a group of lay people in the 1950s to have Mass closer to their home in South Greenville.

They bought a little house and a priest came to say Mass. Eventually they built a school with a large, warehouse type building which would one day be the school gyn, but which they used for worship.

We now have a school gym, but we’re still worshipping in the warehouse.

Nevertheless, the people and priests did fix up the humble building for Catholic worship, but now it needs extensive renovation.

It will be renovated to become the new community center because at last we are building our new church.

The architect is a local Catholic named Christian LeBlanc. He may be known to some of you as the author of The Bible Tells Me So –an excellent resource for catechists. He is building the church to the original design of Andrew Gould of New World Byzantine in Charleston, SC with interior design and furniture design by Matthew Alderman.

The church is in the Romanesque style, inspired by the ancient churches of Rome. We’ve salvaged stained glass windows from a church in Massachusetts and are re-using as much of our original furnishings and fittings as possible. exterior GRV 02.04.2014 small

The lower church will feature a shrine of the Divine Mercy–a quiet place for Eucharistic Adoration, daily masses and a columbarium.

Will you help us build this beautiful new church here in Greenville, South Carolina in the Bible Belt–just a few miles down the road from Bob Jones University? Would you help by making a donation to the new Our Lady of the Rosary church today on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary?

We are trying to raise $650,000 in new cash by the end of the year. If we get there everything will be set to break ground in the Spring or early summer. Can you help? If all my readers gave $10.00 we’d raise $100,000 towards our goal! Can you do more than that?

You can learn more about the church and make an instant donation online. If you’d like to make a donation just go here. There are still some very nice naming opportunities available. If you would like to learn how to make a large donation in memory of a loved, send me an email at