GTY_hillary_clinton_donald_trump_split_jt_150912_16x9_992If you’re like me you are aghast at the choices now before us. It is almost certain that the American people will choose between a corrupt, scheming, immoral, venal, arrogant, greedy and ignorant Republican or a corrupt, scheming, immoral, venal, arrogant and ignorant Democrat.

Both of whom are old friends of each other and who luxuriate in their status as members of the East Coast, NYC billionaires club.

So what’s to do?

Take the Amish option. The Amish don’t vote in national elections. They vote in local elections. They do so because they have decided long ago that to vote for anyone on the national stage is to vote for a corrupt, lying, scheming Son of Satan. They won’t do it. Instead they argue that on the local level their vote just might make a bit of difference. So I am going to take the trouble to turn off all the national presidential politics grandstanding and showboating and learn about local politics. I’m going to learn about my local and state politics and vote where my vote might actually do something.

Let’s face it. For most Americans their vote in the presidential contest is meaningless anyway. Because of the electoral college your whole state will go one way or the other, and unless you live in a swing state, your vote is worthless. So, for example, my state of South Carolina will give their votes to the corrupt, immoral, scheming, venal, arrogant, greedy and ignorant Republican. My write-in vote for Queen Elizabeth II of England won’t count for much.

So not only do I want to learn about local politics and cast a wise vote–which is my duty as a citizen–but I want to go further than that.

I want to embrace the Catholic principle of subsidiarity on a deeper level. For those who don’t remember what that is, the principle of subsidiarity is that problems should be solved and initiatives taken at the lowest, local level possible.

So I not only want to vote local, I want to live local and love local. If there are social problems, I want to get involved at the parish level. If there are economic problems I want to see what we can do in our own parish to help the poor, the unemployed, the needy and the immigrants. If there are family problems I want to get involved in helping to solve them at the local, parish level.

I advise you to do the same. Do not fret about the national elections. Do not fret about whatever corrupt, ignoramus gets elected to the White House.

Live local. Love local. Worship local.

This is where life is real. This is what matters. This is where you can roll up your sleeves and make a difference.

Get involved in loving God and loving your neighbor here and now where you live and where you are.

Leave the corrupt politicians to their devices, hope for the best, expect the worst.

Pray and don’t worry.

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