I will follow is a powerfully moving ten minute film in which two young priests tell how they ended up hearing and then following Christ’s call.


Take ten minutes to watch this video, then share it on YouTube and social media. It deserves to be seen widely. The production values are high. The quality is superb. The whole thing is professional, understated and excellent.

Someone asked what my story would be if I were being filmed.

I first heard the call when I was a junior in college. In a little Anglican church on a Spring evening during evening prayer I was wrestling with my future. I had decided to be an English professor AND an Anglican priest.

Then the prayer was read asking that we would be able to serve God “in beauty, truth and singleness of mind.”

The Holy Spirit took the phrase “singleness of mind” and shot it like an arrow into my heart. My mind was made up.

The vocation to the priesthood has been the greatest gift. It has seen me through hard times and good times.

It has been the star to guide me and the hope in the darkness.

Share this video with the young men in your life. They need to see it.