Have you ever noticed how lies have to keep getting bigger and bigger?

Take, for example, the lie of the sexual revolution. It started out being a kind of hippie dream. You could “love the one you’re with” and with artificial contraception, have complete and joyful sexual freedom.

But it didn’t stop there. It couldn’t stop there. Happy, carefree heterosexual sex had to also be just as open to homosexuals and then to just about any body who wanted to do anything they could imagine with anyone they pleased.

And it didn’t stop there. Sexual identity also had to be open ended. A man could dress up as a woman or a woman could try ever so hard to be a man. There were to be no sexual role boundaries. Everyone could not only do whatever they wanted, they could be whatever they wanted.

Eventually the lie becomes so big that it is monstrous in its enormity. So now a woman who has kept her reproductive organs, but had surgery and hormones to be more like a man can conceive and give birth and progressives will say, “Did you hear? John gave birth yesterday.” If anyone declares that the emperor is nude and says “No. A man can’t give birth. She calls herself ‘John’ but we all know she is really Joanne.” That caller out of emperors will be hounded as “transphobic” and whatever else names need to be called.

This is what we might call the ephemeral nature of lies. Lies are insubstantial. They are nothing in themselves. They are distortion of the truth. Consequently, like anything destructive, they do not have any measure of integral dynamic. They can’t stand on their own. They are parasitic on the truth.

A lie, taken far enough, must eventually cave in on itself. It must collapse because it has no inner strength or substance.

Truth, on the other hand, is a mountain. It is there. It can be denied. It can be ignored, but it remains. The problem is, unless truth is lived and proclaimed dynamically it simply remains there like a mountain. To often all the energy is on the part of the Father of Lies, who works as hard as he can to ignore or distort or destroy the Truth.

What we are witnessing in Trump’s America (whether you love him or loathe him) is the collapse of the liberal lie. The liberals lied about sex. They lied about family. They lied about race. They lied about poverty. They lied about riches. They lied about almost everything because their philosophy is built on the foundational lie of relativism.

The spoilt lying child, when caught out, will usually either sulk or throw a temper tantrum or throw something else. This is what will happen on a massive scale. You will see more protests, more irrational rage, and (I fear) more rioting and violence.

The problem with the liberal lie collapsing is what will take its place. What should take its place is a society of faith and reason–a society that is just, generous, educated and compassionate–a society that is gentle but firm, caring but honest.

But a society like that must be built on a strong basis of faith, self discipline, self control and self sacrifice. A society like that is built through hard work, devotion to duty and honor towards others.

Does that look like America today? I hate to be too pessimistic, but I see a society that is likely to drift from the liberal lie to the lie of the other side–the belief that a restrictive, tyrannical and oppressive government is the answer to one that was permissive and weak.

We should all think and pray and keep our eyes wide open.