Here’s a puzzle for you. It seems that this year’s Christmas shocker is the gay nativity scene.

Two Josephs and a baby Jesus.

I guess it is the gay activist’s idea of a joke.

Its a pretty lame joke if you ask me, and not just because I’m an outraged, old white Christian guy, but because, well, its just not a very good joke. It the sort of nudge, nudge, giggle, giggle sort of joke seventh grade boys make on the back of the school bus.

I guess I’m supposed to be outraged by this, but I’m not really. I’m offended, sure, but more than that I’m puzzled.

What puzzles me is that I also hear, yet again, that corporations and town councils and various bureaucratic busybodies are doing everything they can to eliminate Christianity from Christmas as much as possible. Employees are banned from wishing customers “Merry Christmas” lest someone be offended. Seasonal advertising is all red and green and gold with the banal “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” without the word “Christmas” being breathed or posted anywhere.

You can get your fill of ribbons and bows and snowmen. You can get glutted on Santa Claus, elves and comical reindeer, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph daren’t appear lest someone somewhere be offended. The silly thing is, I don’t think anyone anywhere is offended. Jews aren’t offended. Muslims aren’t offended. Whose offended? The odd atheist? Nah. Not even the atheists are that scrooge-like. Nobody’s offended. The “ban Christmas” thing is the invention of some paranoid lawyers who work for insurance companies–who get paid big bucks to spot possible lawsuits before they can materialize.

Meanwhile, lest anyone be offended, the DC Metro has banned a totally innocuous Christmas ad bought by the Diocese of Washington because it just might be offensive. The ad features silhouettes of what might be shepherds on a hillside and there’s a caption, “Find the Perfect Gift.” That’s it. No Mary, No Joseph, Nor traditional nativity scene. Just a bland image with a bland caption that hinted just hinted at Christmas.

That was deemed offensive.

Here’s the kicker. The DC Metro ad was yanked so nobody would be offended, and nobody can say “Merry Christmas” lest someone be offended, but on the other hand Christians are not allowed to be offended by a gay nativity with two Josephs looking pretty in pink? I guess we’re supposed to just giggle along with everyone else and say, “Ooh, who’s been a naughty boy then?”

Its easy enough to write it off as a silly joke, but it wasn’t put up as a silly joke. It was put up intentionally in public view to make a statement. It was a pre-meditated, bigoted act of hate speech towards a religious group.

I thought we were all supposed to be against such things.