coverYou may have heard of my latest book project called The Mystery of the Magi- the Quest to Identify the Three Wise Men.

I’m really excited by this book. It has been so interesting to investigate the historicity of the Magi story.

One of the reasons the book has been so exciting to produce is because it undermines the modernist Biblical scholars who simply dismiss the Magi story as “mythological”. I’ve shown, on the contrary, that it has a firm foundation in the history, politics and economics of the time period.

At the same time, I have cut through the layer upon layer of legend and myth that really have surrounded the story and gone back to the simple tale told by Matthew in the gospel.

Anyway, the book is being published by Regnery in the Fall, but in the meantime, if you’re interested, you can learn more about it in a new podcast.

History podcaster named Scott Rank just featured me in an hour-long interview on his new show History Unplugged. You can find the interview on iTunes or Google Play or you can download it directly by right-clicking here and choosing “Save Link As.”

To launch the History Unplugged podcast, Scott is also doing a giveaway where you can win one of five autographed copies of my forthcoming book.

To enter the book giveaway contest, click here

You can also help by sharing and promoting this blog post. The book will help to undermine the assumption by modernist Biblical scholars that the New Testament is a bunch of fairy tales.

Therefore the more people who talk it up and help spread the word about this book as we prepare for publication the better!