davidMy article this week for the Imaginative Conservative discusses the way the ancient myths were embodied in the history of the Hebrew people

What very few have stopped to realize is that in the midst pagans telling fantastical stories of star gods visiting earth and titanic struggles between the deities of their pantheons, the same dramas were being lived out by this unremarkable tribe of nomads. There was a deeper point to it all of course. All the little dramas pointed to the greater drama, and the incarnation of those stories on the barren stage of the Arabian desert, Egypt, and Canaan point to the greater incarnation of the greatest story—the incarnation of the storyteller himself. So in the eons before the incarnation of the Son of God, the pagans wove the fantastical tales while the Hebrews lived them out, and all of them pointed through the magic of signs and symbols to the greatest story ever told.

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