Pope Francis with some Lutherans

Pope Francis with some Lutherans

I’m sorry to rain on the ecumenical parade. but are we really experiencing a “new Springtime of ecumenism” or is it just Indian summer? I’ve written on the subject over at my main blog today.

When the Lutheran-Anglicans decided to ordain women as priests and bishops they put a bullet to the head of any real reconciliation with Catholicism. Before they took this step, the Pope along with the Easter Orthodox ecumenical patriarch wrote, pleading with them not to do so because of the serious damage to church unity. The same can be said for the Lutheran-Anglican embrace of the whole same sex agenda, the acceptance of remarriage after divorce, the endorsement of abortion and the list could go on and on.

It must be said that the Lutheran-Anglican federation took these unilateral steps. They knew they were deepening the divide in Christ’s Church and did so anyway.

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