pope and maryMy article for Aleteia this week focusses on Pope Francis’ homily in Ecuador on the role of Mother Mary.

This “mother wound” then affects our own ability to love and be loved. That inability then extends to our relationships, and when it is multiplied throughout society the whole culture becomes dysfunctional. The ability to love, forgive and accept others is broken and wounded. The only way to heal the “mother wound” is to somehow find, recognize and accept the wound of a mother who is greater than our earthly mothers.

This is where the traditional simplicity of the Catholic faith provides access to a perfect mother’s love. Through a devotional relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary we find a mother’s love that is complete, and this love fulfills what was lacking in our own family dynamic. This healing is available at both the individual and corporate level, and it comes to us most effectively within the dynamic of the family.

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