ballardLent is just around the corner. Have you made any preparations yet?

In our parish we are not having extra services, Bible studies, meetings and stuff to do.

Instead we are using new and old media to provide our people with a plethora of good materials so they can make their own Lent holy.

St Benedict said everyone should read a good book during Lent, and what better book to keep by your side than a new volume to help you focus on the Stations of the Cross.

Produced by Holy Deacon Richard Ballard –the Pastoral Associate at Our Lady of the Rosary Church-and his Holier  Wife Ruth

Here’s more about it:

The Way of the Cross has a long and much loved devotional history in the Catholic Church. From the earliest days of Christianity, pilgrims to Jerusalem were interested in visiting the places where the suffering and death of Jesus took place. The devotion of the Way of the Cross was conceived to help bring the experiences of those who visited the sacred places back to the people who were not able to travel to the Holy Land. In this new, 120 pages, full-color edition of the Way of the Cross, the authors have combined traditional and contemporary elements to breathe fresh life into this venerable devotion. Deacon Richard G. Ballard and his wife Ruth H. Ballard have written new narratives for each Station that help draw the reader more and more deeply into the mystery of the Passion of Christ. Jody Cole has written a distinctive icon for each Station of the Cross in the tradition of the Eastern Churches that will help western Catholics visualize the Stations in a new and fresh way. Included in the book is a liturgy for praying the stations, a history of the stations, traditional Catholic prayers, hymns for the Passion, and introductions to the devotion itself and to iconography. This book is an asset for all serious Catholics who wish to deepen their devotional lives during Lent, or any day throughout the year. It is perfect for either personal or group participation in the Stations of the Cross, as a priestly or diaconal resource for Lent, or as spiritual reading in order to more fully comprehend Christ’s Passion and Death. All Christians will appreciate the brief meditations and unique iconography.

Deacon and Mrs Ballard’s approach is fresh, creative and positive. Check out their book here.

Why not use the new media to have the Best Lent Ever?

Matthew Kelley’s organization is sponsoring an email Lent course. The approach behind this program is unique. Best Lent Ever is the first Lenten pro- gram specifically built to explain the genius of Catholicism and lead to a transformative Lent.

Each week, Matthew Kelly will email participants simple yet powerful messages that explain the genius of Catholicism and empower them to become the-best-version-of-themselves. By laying out practical and actionable steps and explanations of the Faith, participants will en- ter the Easter season with a sense of, “I can do this.”

“The program is simple,” said Kelly. “All they have to do is sign up, and they will get power- ful, succinct content that explains the Catholic faith in a meaningful way in their inbox each day. The only cost is the commitment to live better each day this Lent.”

GargoyleCode_289X450Best Lent Ever program is free. Sign up here.


Don’t forget my own Lent books: The Gargoyle Code is written in the style of C.S.Lewis Screwtape Letters but updated for a Catholic audience to read during Lent.

The sequel is now out. In Slubgrip Instructs the demon Slubgrip is demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University. These books are excellent for high school and college students as they encounter challenges to their faith.

Learn more about both books here.