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For May and Mary

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May Magnificat by G.M.Hopkins MAY is Mary’s month, and I Muse at that and wonder why: Her feasts follow reason, Dated due to season— Candlemas, Lady Day; But the Lady Month, May, Why fasten that upon her, With a feasting in her honour? Is it only its being brighter Than the most are must delight her? [...]

Mary Queen of Heaven: The Bible Tells Me So

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Calling Mary the "Queen of Heaven" seems to most non-Catholics a title too far. How can the simple girl from Nazareth be "Queen of Heaven"? Isn't that a pagan term? In fact, isn't the "Queen of Heaven" actually condemned in the Bible? In Jeremiah 44 the Hebrews are blamed for turning back to false gods and [...]

Do Catholics Worship Idols?

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Now that the geeks at Patheos have give us such a snazzy new re-fit, I am going through and moving a good number of my archived articles from my website to my blog. I hope readers will explore the 'Archived Articles' tab to see what's there. I'll be updating it regularly with old articles and with [...]


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