prolifestudents35It is natural during a Presidential election year for the people who are pro-life to get pretty passionate against the candidate and party who are actively pro-abortion. We are also apt to get passionate in favor of the candidate or party who pledges to be anti abortion.

That’s all well and good, and we definitely need to stay committed to the pro life battle on the national and international level. Catholics should not vote for a candidate or party that is actively pro abortion. No debate about that.

However. We should also be realistic and realize that it is unlikely that Roe v. Wade will be overturned any time soon.

Let’s face it. The candidates and party that have promised the most to pro lifers have delivered very little on a national level. While the national battle is important, we should also consider these ten things that ordinary people can do to in the pro-life battle.

  1. Education – We must continue the whole battle to share with the world not just an anti-abortion message, but the whole Catholic pro-life message. This includes positive and pro-active education about the Theology of the Body, the dignity of every human person from womb to tomb and the deep and beautiful message of fully integrated, chaste and positive human sexuality. This education must be in our homes, our schools, our parishes and our world. Only as we understand the full meaning and dignity of the human person will we understand why abortion is so evil.
  2. Personal Chastity – Each of us has a responsibility to pursue chastity in our own lives. We should be ruthless with ourselves when rooting out every trace of unchaste behaviors. We must pray for the grace to embrace chastity in marriage, chastity in families. Chastity for single people. Chastity for married people. This chastity will not be weak and sterile, but full of an integrated and mature masculinity and femininity–abundant in life and combining purity and power. Pornography must not be tolerated. Adultery and co-habitation cannot be tolerated. Not out of negativity and condemnation, but because they are the enemies of the chastity and purity that conquered the world.
  3. Supporting Women The pro abortion people like to say, “You pro lifers only care about the fetus. You don’t care about poor women in crisis pregnancies.” This is, of course, totally untrue. There is a wide range of women centers that offer help, but we must support them and expand their services. The pro life movement must be even more visibly pro women. We must be active in compassionate and positive support, rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty in service of those women who choose life.
  4. The Adoption Option – I once met a Baptist couple who had just adopted a severely disabled child. They said, “Father, in South Carolina there are about ten thousand children who need adoption or fostering. There are about ten thousand Baptist churches in South Carolina. What if each church adopted or fostered just one child?” If we have courageous families in our parishes who have adopted or fostered we need to support them, helping others to step up and make the choice to adopt. Adoption is often financially prohibitive. We need to pressure politicians to provide funding to take care of the legal fees to make adoption easy, safe and affordable.
  5. Contraception and Sterilization? – If you say you are pro life, why do you continue to use artificial contraception yourselves? If you say your are pro life why do you consider sterilization? If you are pro life be pro life. Avoid the contraceptive culture of death. Children are a blessing. I know so many couples who, when times were difficult and they could see no way forward, chose sterilization. They regretted it afterward. The most common complaint is “We can’t afford another child.” Really? Maybe step out in faith a bit more.
  6. Lobby Locally We may not be able to overturn Roe v Wade anytime soon, but there are plenty of good efforts at the state and local level that seek to restrict and control abortion. We should lobby our local politicians about this and about legislation that supports women in crisis pregnancies, supports adoption, supports families who choose to adopt. Maybe we are called ourselves to enter the political arena and stand for public office. Why not?
  7. Campaign and Give March for Life, Forty Days for Life, Life Chain–all these keep the abortion issue alive and in front of people. Make sure you take a stand in the protest movement against abortion, but also in favor of life in all its abundance. The Pro Life Movement requires funding. Give generously to the pro life charity of your choice and stay involved financially and prayerfully.
  8. Be a Happy Warrior The pro life movement must continue to be joyful, confident, young and strong. Do not be discouraged, but continue to support life with joy and confidence. Sour faces, angry protests and violence are never the way. Think of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was not angry and violent in the face of evil. She reacted with confident joy and the power of purity.
  9. Remember the Rosary The rosary is a great sword of the Spirit. Saints and Popes have all taught us that the rosary is a great weapon against evil. Check out my latest book on this subject. Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare. Use the rosary to pray for life, pray for women, pray for children, pray for families, pray for young people, pray for our church, our world and our human race.
  10. Have Faith – Sometimes we tend to despair and think the battle will never be won. Do not despair. Fear not. Truth will always triumph. Goodness will always prevail. Life will always win. Remember history. The battle has always been grim and the forces of evil do not sleep. Take heart. Have faith. Work hard. Be joyful and be blessed.

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