Extended happy family standing in the park.Here is an article/interview on marriage for Georgetown’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs:

I have a very subversive and radical vision for Christian marriage. It is just as radical as it was when it first hit the scene in the Roman Empire in the first and second centuries. It is this: that one man and one woman will commit themselves to a lifelong relationship of mutual, total self sacrificial love. That love will be so self sacrificial that it reflects the unconditional, totally self-sacrificial love of God himself. This unique relationship will be empowered by a supernatural gift which is called “grace” and through this unusual and bewilderingly subversive relationship both the man and the woman will learn what it means to be truly human, truly a man and truly a woman.

Out of this disturbingly supernatural relationship they will produce children who are part of this union and a natural and beautiful outgrown of the union. These two human beings will marvel at the fact that they have produced an eternal human soul—a child of the universe, an offspring of God, a morsel of eternity, and a glimpse of glory. They will so delight in this product and creation of their ecstatic act of self giving that they will want to produce as many of these marvels as possible and so bless themselves and the whole world with these delightful beings called children.

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