ISISWhy are the so-called Christian countries so spineless in the face of the Muslim terror?

Because for over fifty years we have gradually come to value goodness without truth.

What I mean by this is that we have become complacent about our Christian faith. We have drifted into either lax unbelief, hedonistic agnosticism and finally outright atheism.

In abandoning our religion we have abandoned truth, believing that it is possible–and even preferable–to be good without religion. We have concluded that the weakest and most shallow forms of goodness are the only kind there are, and have taken from the Christian religion the easiest, laziest and most sloppy aspects and rejected all the rest.

We have smashed and grabbed the Christian store and taken all the shiniest and most worthless trinkets thinking they were all there was on offer, and we have re-made our own atheistic humanistic religion out of the pickings.

Western Christian liberals have therefore promoted something which they think they have salvaged from Christianity, but it is as much like real Christianity as a paste diamond is to the real gemstone.

Their religion has become one of bland tolerance. They mistake political correctness for charity, shallow optimism for hope and an ideology for faith. Continue Reading