crowds hitlerNow that Pope Francis has spoken out clearly against artificial contraception and same sex marriage we can hear the sighs of dismay from the disappointed secular humanists.

Oh, how they latched on to this new hope from Argentina! It didn’t matter if they were Catholics or not. They wanted to love him. They wanted to adopt him as their own.

Oh, how they twisted every ambiguous word of his, how  they idolized him by putting him on the cover of their magazines, what glowing articles they wrote, what awards they gave him! If he’d made a film they’d have given him an Oscar. If he’d made a TV show they’d have given him an Emmy. If he was made a record reciting the rosary they’d give him a Grammy. If he was British they’d make him Sir Francis Vatican.

The double think and double speak of the secular establishment media types was astounding. Pope Francis said, “The door is closed to women’s ordination.” What he really meant was “Not yet.” Pope Francis said about a priest who was struggling with same sex attraction, “Who Am I to judge?” What he really said was “We’re now in favor of gay marriage!” Pope Francis said that we should be good stewards of creation, but what he really said was “Vast multi nationals who are creating global warming are evil.” Pope Francis said, “The Church should have a preferential option for the poor. Blessed are the poor!” What he really said was “I’m a Marxist. Let’s start a revolution.” He said Catholics should talk about other issues than just abortion and gay marriage. What he really said was “Abortion, promiscuity, contraception and gay sex is okay now!”

Or maybe not.

Boo Hoo. Big crocodile tears. The Pope, as it turns out, is a Catholic after all.

Beneath this secular humanist propaganda subterfuge is a situation which I find even more interesting.

Notice how they are longing for a savior. The Pope was the Great White Hope. Before that Obama was the Great White Hope.

All you have to do to get the liberals to eat out of your hand, drool over your shoes and sell you their souls is to assume a noble posture and pretend to espouse all their favorite ideological causes. Geesh! You don’t even have to do that. All you have to do is throw them a few crumbs and they will adore you as their latest Messiah.

Why is this? Why do they fall over themselves to hand out Nobel Peace Prizes, make you Man of the Year, give you a knighthood or a ribbon or any kind of award they can possibly muster up? It’s because everybody needs a savior. They want to adore someone. They need to worship. Everybody wants a Messiah. Everybody wants that Superman who is going to change the world and usher in the humanist utopia they all dream about.

This is why liberals fall so easily for a demagogue. Without belief in an afterlife their only ambition is to make this work a better place, and to do that they need a vision and someone to be their savior, and they will overlook the greatest faults, atrocities, hypocrisies and evil in order to continue to believe in their savior.

It looks like Obama has disappointed them. He promised change and the only change we got is that he and has family take more frequent and more expensive vacations than any other president.

It now looks like Pope Francis has disappointed them too. You mean he really does disapprove of artificial contraception???!!! You mean he really is opposed to same sex marriage???!!!

“Surely” they gasp “he is just pretending to toe the party line. The evil men in the Vatican have clearly got to him and told him what to say. The wicked Nazi Ratzinger must be behind the scenes telling poor old sweet Francis what to do.”

Hold on a minute. What about the millions of Catholics who long for a savior and seem to idolize Pope Francis?

It’s different. In him Catholics see the Vicar of Christ, the Steward of Christ the King, the one who points us not to himself or to an earthly kingdom, but to the King of Kings and the true Messiah and Savior.

The secular longing for a savior is a sad, misplaced and mis guided search which will always end at least in disappointment and at worst in the mass devotion to a dictator and tyrant.

Be warned.

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