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It has been interesting over the last two weeks to see the celibate old white men who rule the Catholic Church fighting over the subject of sex. As usual we see the sex obsessed Catholic Church discussing nothing but sex, sex, sex and the answer is always, “No. No. NO! If you have sex you will burn in hell forever.” However, it cannot be denied that this is a fascinating subject and one which captivates the human imagination, so we should not be surprised that a group of old men would discuss the subject when they get together.

The fighting in Rome has been between the angry arch conservatives who are loyal to the ex pope and former Nazi, Joseph Ratzinger and the easygoing liberals who rally around the cheerful Cardinal Kasper and his boss–the man in white– Pope Francis. A person who is knowledgable about the German language has informed me that the word “Kasper” in German means “clown”. If the Vatican is like a medieval court with the Pope as the king, then Cardinal Kasper has been like the court jester. Alway smiling and happy, Cardinal Kasper was making funny jokes about black people being stupid and he was playing a typical court jester role by “clowning around” with the media and the other cardinals trying to upset the stuffy and staid white men. Some of the serious and pious conservatives reported Cardinal Kasper’s joke about Africans as if it were serious and they didn’t realize he was just being the joker in the pack.

In the background Pope Francis smiled like a kindly uncle as the shenanigans continued.

I am not usually one to admire the Roman Catholic religion, but this new pope has won over my admiration. As soon as he chose the name “Francis” I thought to myself, “this man knows how to have the common touch. He has deliberately taken the name of one of America’s most beloved iconic figures Francis ‘Frank’ Sinatra. Since then he has “done it his way” and not put a foot wrong. His choice of name was also a very good way to get in touch with Americans since one of  our favorite foods is the frankfurter. Also we cannot forget the aviator Frank Lloyd Wright who with his brother Melvin flew the first airplane into St Louis.

Echoing his namesake, Pope Francis has shown great wisdom as he has reminded everyone that “love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.” Although he is in favor of gay marriage and allowing people to be divorced and remarried, he is very wisely biding his time and taking it slowly. In that way he is very much like that other statesman, our great Vice President–also a devout Catholic–Joe Biden who is also “biden” his time before he makes a successful race for the White House.

Probably before the end of the year we will see the ancient Roman Catholic Church come up to date and accept the fact that we live in the twenty first century not the first century. The pope who got rid of the red gucci shoes, the brogue vestments with lace and the fancy palace with it’s palatial accommodation  will modernize the Roman Catholic Church further. Continue Reading