The left clearly don’t like President Trump’s edict suspending travel from seven countries, but their hysterical hyperbole over the whole matter isn’t going to do them any favors.

The executive order might be dumb. The media’s response is dumber.

This post really isn’t about the order itself or about Trump. It is about the hypocrisy and stupidity of the mainstream media. I have written about it more in my post today at Imaginative Conservative.

The gist of it is, the media are lying about this issue. When they call Trump’s executive order “Trump’s Muslim Ban” they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

The more they lie to the American people, the more people are going to go over to Trump. The more they try their old tricks of publishing “polls”, pushing protests, hyping hypocrisy and swamping us with sentimentality (weeping congressmen? Really?)  The more ordinary Americans will walk away from the mainstream media.

They still haven’t got the message that the whole core of media communication has shifted. They are still working on the basis of mainstream media being “broadcasted”–which means it goes out to the widest possible audience and delivers objective news. This isn’t how people get their news anymore.

They get their news through “narrowcast”–which means they pick and choose from where they get their news, and they usually (unfortunately) get their news from the particular channel that reinforces their particular bias.

The mainstream media has unconsciously become another narrowcast channel. It is composed of and feeds the coastal, liberal elite, and despite their massive defeat in the Clinton Disaster, they still think they are the voice of the America people.

The worst thing about this is that if they continue to be dumb about this they will help to bring about even more division in our country, and their own decline will be hastened.

What we desperately need is not a right wing paper or network or a left wing paper and network, but balanced, objective, intelligent and informed news source.

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