fetusIn Jennifer Fulwiler’s conversion story Something Other Than Godshe recounts the time when she and her husband began to wake up to the implications of their pro-abortion convictions. She was into her second pregnancy when the reality of their views suddenly clashed with the reality of the ultra sound scan of their new baby.

Here was a child, and here they were supporting a society that endorsed and made legal the clinical and careful dismemberment of the unborn child in its own mother’s womb.

With horror they read what happened in late term abortions. How coldly and clinically the doctor’s discussed the “problem” of the “free floating fetal head”. In other words, the child’s limbs had already been torn off and removed. The torso had been cut to pieces but the head remained in the womb and the doctors spoke of the difficulty of being able to capture it, crush it and remove it from the womb. This procedure was a “problem” and partial birth abortion was to be preferred because the splintered fetal bone fragments might cause damage to the woman’s womb.

The difficulty of the “floating fetal head” immediately made me think of the beheadings by ISIS in Iraq.

So we’re so much better?

In a cruel irony they are almost more virtuous than us because they are honest and open about their barbarity.

We’re so much better because our dismemberment is hidden in a clinic, surrounded by legal permission, euphemisms like “product of conception” or “contents of the womb”?

We’re so much better that we don’t behead our enemies, but our unborn children.

We’re so much better that our mothers participate in the crime.

We’re so much better because the beheading is not public and is unseen?

So who’s being barbaric here?