elephant-donkey-boxingIf you’re like me you look at the Republicans and the Democrats and wish they both would go away.

They seem to quarrel with one another constantly and yet their actual behaviors are much the same: corrupt, venal, lying, self serving, ambitious and doing everything they can to support the big boys who back them.

The left wing – right wing divide makes people choose, and as soon as you choose what’s good about one side you lose what’s good on the other.

You not only lose what’s good on the other side, but by choosing one party you have to grit your teeth and accept what is stupid, flawed, immoral and just plain dumb about that side.

So what would a truly Catholic Political Party look like?

I admit that politics is not my strong suit, but I’ve been musing over this question and have come up with some ideas.

The ideas are just my opinion–the amateur pondering of an interested citizen and armchair politician.

There would be certain underlying philosophical and theological assumptions, but we’ll leave those for another day. What would the policies of a the TCP (Truly Catholic Party) look like?

First and foremost the policies would be determined to serve people–not ideologies. The right to life and the sanctity of life would be the foundation of the party platform for without those rights there are no other rights.

Secondly, the party platform would be built on the two basic foundations of Catholic Social Teaching: Solidarity and Subsidiarity. Solidarity is the conviction that we are all in this together and that each individual should live not only for himself, but for the common good. Subsidiarity is the principle that problems should be solved and initiatives should be taken at the lowest social level possible.

With these two pieces in place everything else would follow: Continue Reading

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