the-feast-of-stigmatic-padre-pioOver at ChurchPoP they’ve reprinted one of my old blog posts about miracles.

Why then, are there not more miracles reported amongst those who believe?

There are a couple of reasons. For one, very often our “belief” in miracles is purely academic. We say we believe in miracles because it is part of our whole Christian belief system. But in practice we don’t expect to see one.

Secondly, I think we don’t experience as many miracles because we don’t need them. Why should God perform a miracle of healing when we’ve got the best health care system in the world? Why should God provide for us miraculously when we’ve got a good salary and retirement plan all set up? It’s not that God is being mean. He’s just saying, “You get on with it. If you want to provide for yourself and do it your way–why then go right ahead.”

However, while I think these things are true, it is more complicated.

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