HillaryReaders may have picked up that I am not particularly delighted by the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

No matter how much publicity there is for her record of scandals, incompetence, manipulation and lies, no matter how much publicity there is for her husbands slime ball behavior, abuse of women and louche lifestyle, no matter how much their “charitable foundation” is exposed for corruption, bribes and double dealing, I think it is very possible that she will be elected.

Here’s why: people get the leaders they deserve.

I don’t really think that the majority of Americans care two hoots about her record. They don’t mind that she’s a liar because they lie all the time. They don’t mind that she’s a greedy cheat because they’re greedy cheats. They don’t mind that Bill is a lecherous, corrupt old goat because they’re lecherous, venal and corrupt old goats themselves. They don’t mind any of the sleaze because that’s their world. They’r used to sleaze. They’ve overlooked sleaze in themselves long ago, so they’re quite happy to overlook it in Hillary.

They’ll say, like her, “What’s the big deal? That was old news. So what. Let’s move on.”

Finally, the American people will elect Hillary because they treat elections as sentimental popularity contests.

Most Americans will say, “Let’s elect her. It’s about time we had a woman president.”

That will be the depth of their analysis, and those who care enough to vote at all will vote her in simply for the sentimental novelty and a little surge of self righteousness they’ll get for voting for a woman.

I hope I’m wrong.

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