The Amazonian Synod provides a perfect lens through which to complete my analysis of John Allen’s book The Future Church. I believe this final podcast in the ten part series is very important. If you are confused, bewildered and upset by the Amazonian synod, this podcast will help you make sense of what is going on in the church and where we are headed for the future. I will also be blogging about this further over the next few weeks.

Because I think this podcast is so important, the full length version is available here on the blog free–and it will be available at BreadBox for all listeners. As you may know, the future church podcasts are available free at BreadBox in an abridged version, and the full length version of the other nine episodes are available here for Donor Subscribers behind the paywall.

In the podcast I analyze the Amazonian Synod according to five categories: Demographics, Evangelization, Inculturation, the Charismatic Movement and Leadership.

I do encourage you to take time to listen to this thirty minute podcast, and to go back and listen to the whole series.

If you are unfamiliar how to listen on your mobile device, simply find this website on your phone or tablet, bookmark it and then listen through the website to this any of my other podcasts. If you are a Donor Subscriber all the podcasts (you can see them here) are available to you. If you are not a Donor Subscriber a good number of the series are also available through BreadBox and other podcast channel providers like Podbean.