Whoa! Talk about Standing things on their head! In today’s gospel Jesus Christ cuts right through every expectation of the human heart and says, “The greatest among you is the servant of all.” We’re so used to hearing this that it has become a trite cliche. But how awesome and revolutionary is this? “The servant of all?”

This means if you want to find the greatest person in your office, your school, your family or your parish you will keep your eye peeled for that quiet, hidden person who just gets on with serving others. They’re saints, and the secret of sanctity is that they’re hidden in the middle of an ordinary life. They’re unassuming, natural, cheerful and efficient. They not only always have time for you, they actually seem pleased to see you.

Watch out for them. Look for them because thery’re rare–as rare as the most precious jewel.

I knew one of these saints. She was just a quiet old lady–a former botany professor who lived in a cabin the woods. She didn’t seem extraordinary at the time, but she changed my life because she showed me the upside down way of Christ.

If you ever find one of these hidden ones, stay close. They might just be the one, precious and beautifully true image of Christ you’ll ever meet in this life.