From Valerie Baronkin –South Carolina Upstate Pro-Life Co-ordinator:

An interracial couple stopped by the clinic with their baby yesterday to tell us their story from a few years ago.. The girl’s mother brought her to Greenville Women’s Clinic. The girl saw the people outside praying and did not want to have the abortion and refused to get out of the car. She and her boyfriend kept the baby and are now engaged.

I mention they were an interracial couple because often I think we are beyond racism in our current society, but I have seen this many times and with all different angles to the prejudice. It’s the grandparents who insist on abortion -not approving of their daughter’s boyfriend because he is African American, Spanish, or White. And I’ve seen several girls who are often strongly encouraged to abort and not approved of by the man’s family if he is Indian and she is not. Let us pray for an end to this tragic prejudice.