What does abortion have to do with witchcraft and black magic? Everything.

Today human fetuses are roasted, dried, crushed and turned into pills which supposedly boost male virility. This story isn’t really new. It was reported a few years ago for the first time and the rumor confirmed by DNA tests. This form of cannibalism is still going on. Read about it here.

Even more disgusting– an ancient Chinese pagan superstition is that roasted and dried baby boys covered in gold will bring good luck. They’re highly prized and the little mummies are kept like a horrible Chinese version of a lucky rabbit’s foot. One trafficker in this gruesome trade was caught recently. Interestingly, he’s a Brit–so no fair being racist and blaming “those primitive Eastern types.” You can read about it here.

It’s easy to dismiss the horrors because they happen in China, but it goes on here in the West too. The details are different, but the principles are the same. Read more.