The horrors of the Philadelphia abortion clinic of Kermit Gosnell rank with the worst serial killers in US history. Jill Stanek writes here comparing Gosnell to mass murderers Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Richard Speck. The media covered gruesome stories like that in every morbid and macabre detail. Likewise, if the crime fits their political agenda–let’s say for gun control or to flan the racist flames–they’ll publicize crime stories and push their agenda as much as they can.

But there is virtually zero coverage of the Gosnell murder trial. This in itself is a crime proportionate to holocaust denial. Let’s imagine for a moment that we discovered that in the state of Texas officials had started to round up illegal Hispanic immigrants. Let’s imagine that they were being kept in cramped barracks, and then taken off for ‘showers’ from which they never returned. Then let’s imagine that reporters discovered what was going on, and because it was legal in the state of Texas to do such things the reporters simply turned a blind eye. They kept quiet. They did nothing. Then the crime is on their heads too.

There are many, many disturbing elements to the Gosnell trial. The horrors of abortion are only one element. Added to this is his racism–he treated rich white women better than the black girls. The grim sanitary conditions in the clinic are terrible, but then there is the sick collection of dead babies, babies feet and  body part scattered around the place. Then there is the disgusting amount of money the man made from preying on poor women and killing their babies. There are so many angles, so many stories, so many outrages, so many elements of sickening crime–but the media are silent.

Here is the thing which worries me even more deeply. If the media can stay silent about this, what else are they staying silent about? What else do we not know? If they can stay silent on this, what else will they stay silent about in the future? When people are taken away in the night who will say anything? When there are legal detention camps who will object? When people start to disappear who will say anything at all? Who will know?

Journalists used to report news. Now they have become mouthpieces for the ideologues who are running this country. The secular mainstream press in the USA are now no different than the government owned propaganda machines in the Soviet Union. If the mainstream media cannot report on the Gosnell case then shame, shame, shame on them. They are a disgrace to their profession–cowards and holocaust deniers.