Julian of Norwich was a fourteenth century English mystic. One of the first female authors in English, she was an anchoress in a little church in the cathedral city of Norwich. She lived enclosed in her cell attached to the church where she received visitors, prayed and worshipped at Mass constantly.

Her book Revelations of Divine Love is a wonderful classic of spiritual writing. In it she recounts her vision of Christ’s suffering and meditates on the ultimate meaning of sin, redemption and the human condition. Her writing is full of confidence in God’s fatherly care and final forgiveness.

So much of modern American Catholicism is political and argumentative. Liberals and Conservatives fight back and forth and we all seem so busy promoting good causes and fighting the good fight that I sometimes think we don’t take time to pray. We don’t take time for spiritual reading.

Why not stop and look again at the classics of our spirituality? Norwich is a good place to start, and Julian is a good spirital director.