Anglican Women Priests

Anglican Women Priests

This article in the Daily Telegraph is old news. It tells us how the feminists in the Church of England want to get rid of the patriarchal language in the Church and call God “Mother.”

It is sort of a news item because it comes hard on the heels of the first ordinations of women bishops in the Church of England.

On the other hand, it’s not news at all. Over twenty years ago when I was a minister in the Church of England they were already insinuating newly written feminist “canticles” and “psalms” into the worship books. Already at that time trendy vicars were referring to God as “Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer” to avoid patriarchal language. Already at that time we had feminist liturgies being foisted upon us.

The only thing new about this is that the feminists are flexing their muscles even more now that they have finally got women bishops.

This next step reveals a couple of things everyone should be aware of.

First of all, the feminist campaigners are liars. When they began pushing for women priests over forty years ago they were challenged about the fact that having women priests would change the implicit iconography about God and that the ultimate aim was to change the image of God himself.

“Oh no!” they protested. “We have no plans to alter the traditions. We have no plans to change the language about God! This is not a theological issue.” They said. “This is simply a matter of equal rights. This is a matter of fairness to women!”

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