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Will you look at this! Just an ordinary Anglo Catholic Church. What great riches of liturgical beauty and ecclesiastical glory the Anglo Catholics hold!

One of the great tragedies of the present apostasy in the Church of England is the decline and fall of the great Anglo Catholic parishes and vocations. Many are still struggling on valiantly, and many of them are doing their best to fight the decay within Anglicanism and hold to what they can of the Catholic faith within their tradition.

When they finally slip away, as they must I fear, so many beautiful buildings, so many beautiful fittings and furniture and frontals and vestments and statuary and stained glass and carvings and relics and much much more will simply end up in ecclesiastical junk shops or dusty rooms.
More than the stuff of worship are the lives and the souls that are being lost. The glorious stuff is temporal. So many Anglicans in the present crisis of faith have not left the Anglican Church for the Catholic Church. They have simply left Christ’s church altogether. 
The souls lost because of Anglicanism’s departure from the Truth are the greatest loss of all.