Rocco whispers about the BBC planning a drama about ‘what it would be like if the Pope were put on trial for covering up sex abuse’ which will be broadcast during the Papal visit while Britain’s notoriously left wing, immoral and atheistic television Channel 4 has commissioned a documentary from the country’s leading homosexual activist Peter Tatchell. It seems Britain is unashamed to be in the forefront of anti Catholic bigotry and intolerance.

I had dinner with Joseph Pearce and some other friends last evening and we lamented the slide of modern Britain down the relativistic and now aggressively anti Catholic toilet. The level of sheer ignorance, ugliness and savage bigotry now on display in that once polite, well mannered and Christian country is truly shocking.

Not to be discouraged however, we went around the room asking for contributions to the ‘best and loveliest sort of English eccentricities. Joseph volunteered Morris Dancers. At which point our American friends were befuddled so Joseph and I manfully stepped up to demonstrate the art. It’s a pity my video camera was not turned on so I could post it for you here. My contribution to the English Eccentricity Hall of Fame was the pantomime dame while my wife Alison mentioned baked beans for breakfast. The Last Night of the Proms made the list and when our hosts were unfamiliar with the singing of Jerusalem, Christian, Joseph, Ali and myself gave them a rousing rendition. Word perfect. Both verses. To the tune by Parry. I even improvised the organ interlude. Joseph (being from the East End of London) concluded by explaining Cockney rhyming slang and giving us a classic list.