Christians are beginning to stand up for their rights in Britain. After a series of disturbing court cases in which high court judges have ruled against Christians who have made a stand in the workplace, senior Church of England officials are demanding new action be taken against the anti Christian discrimination. Read about it here.

In the meantime the tolerant and open minded Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens plan to have Pope Benedict XVI arrested when he visits Britain for crimes against humanity. They are quite serious about this. Read about it here. There hare brained scheme is supported by leading Times columnist Libby Purves here.

Britain actually has laws prohibiting the publication of any material which is likely to incite religious or racial hatred. Where are the British lawyers who will step forward and ask police to arrest Dawkins and Hitchens on the charge of publishing material that incites religious hatred? Here is an article I wrote some time ago suggesting that Dawkins be charged with inciting religious hatred.

Meanwhile here is a mainstream liberal journalist in England arguing against religious freedom.

Buckle your seat belts Britons, if you’re a Christian you’re in for a bumpy ride.