I knew some witches in England. They belonged to a coven which was in my parish. I blogged about them last year this time.

Believe, me. They’re real. They’re out there, and they’re not nice. One Saturday morning a fifteen year old girl knocked on my door. She was dressed all in black, with plenty of black eye make up. She asked if I could help. She had been at the pub with ‘Alex’. I knew that Alex was the king of the witches and that he had a reputation for seducing teen aged girls.

I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say that the girl was experiencing a real demonic attack as a result of her dabbling with the occult. She’s not the only one. In my ministry whenever I came across spiritualists, Freemasons, New Age devotees or those who dabbled in any kind of occult practices I also came across spiritual blockage, mental illness, psychic disease and negative spiritual forces.

Never forget or underestimate the power of evil in the world. In the midst of all the ‘fun’ of Halloween we should remember the spooks are real and they want to destroy all that is pure, good and beautiful.

The ugly, scary masks and costumes should remind us that the forces of evil really are ugly, scary and destructive. Really really.