Yesterday there was an atheist rally in Washington DC. that attracted about 10,000 people. (compare this to the March for Life with probably 30 times that number) I thought it might make an interesting exercise to turn the atheist’s guns back on themselves. Using the kind of rhetoric the atheists and mainstream media use against the Catholic faith, here’s how it would go:

Nearly a thousand atheists gathered in the Mall in Washington yesterday for a rally. The dismal weather reflected their sad message. An aging college professor from England spoke about atheism and tried to enthuse the crowd. Several comedians and television presenters also spoke.

The speakers tried to be enthusiastic about a message which is alternately sad and angry mish mash of political correctness, tired left wing activism and an out of date sexual libertarianism. The aging activists tried to make their message sound radical and controversial, and if they actually had any power it would be, for beneath the benign activism and pleas for ‘tolerance’  atheism is actually the most murderous and vile belief system the world has ever seen.

The fact of the matter is: atheists are killers. It began with the French Revolution where rationalists and atheists killed millions with their efficient killing machine the guillotine. Not content to simply wipe out their enemies, the rationalist mobs went on the rampage looting and thieving and destroying ancient works of art, architecture and culture.

The French Revolution was just the beginning. The killing continued in wave after wave of atheistic violence. The Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution, the Nazi Revolution, the Stalinist Regime, Communism, the Khmer  Rouge–all were avowed enemies of God, the Jewish religion and the Catholic Church. The gas chambers, the killing fields, the concentration camps, the slave labor, the medical experiments on living subjects, the torture, rape and murder of little children–all this is the fruit of atheism.

Atheists are in favor of abortion and euthanasia. This means they are misogynistic haters of women. They invade the womb of a woman and tear her child from it–leaving untold psychological and physical damage to the poor woman who they then throw out into the street without any concern for her welfare.

Atheists favor abortion. This means they dismember little children who are still alive in their mother’s wombs. If they don’t do that they scald off their skin with chemicals, then pull them from the womb and kill them. They kill old people and terminally ill people in their beds without their consent. Atheism and utilitarianism are two ugly sisters who happily imprison, torture and kill millions of innocent people to create a ‘better world’.

The Lords of Atheism reign supreme from their posh studies in Oxford, Cambridge or the Ivy League. Dining at the high table with the rulers of the world, they inhabit their mansions and summer homes and live high off the hog while the poor suffer at their hands. All the atheist rulers are rich–most of them old, rich, white men who conspire together to eliminate black people through abortion and “population control.” and “reproductive health.”

They churn out their vile propaganda–destroying the faith and trust of innocent children and harmless people who only want to practice a faith that inspires them to love and forgive one another, feed the  hungry, clothe the naked and help the poor.

The harsh and unyielding atheists instead attempt to brainwash innocent children in their ‘secular’ schools by insisting that they cannot say prayers at school. They cannot learn a theory of the world’s origins that includes an intelligent designer. They forbid with force all teaching of religion and so abuse children by denying them the innocent beauty of a simple faith.

Yes, atheism is the true opiate of the people. The vast hoards suck it up like a drug. What a delight it is to them to never have to think about heaven or hell or a final judgement. They can now do whatever they like. They can pursue their own selfish pleasure and become more and more numb. Like drug addled addicts they have smoked the opium of atheism–wallowing in their pleasure, they think they will never have to take responsibility for their actions.

The opium of Atheism allows them to live in a dream world where they can indulge themselves for their whole life and never have to give account for what they’ve done. How can they live in such a dream land–such a land of manufactured, seductive lies and a sweet belief that when they die they will “simply cease to be”? What shallow and sad wishful thinking!

This is merely a lie concocted by those who are afraid of death and the afterlife. Instead of facing the fact of heaven and hell and judgment with courage and determination they have fooled themselves into believing that there is no afterlife and that they will simply go to sleep one day and not wake up.

One could criticize atheism and atheists in such terms, but of course that would be unfair. It would be sheer exaggeration and propaganda based on bigotry, ignorance and hatred.

And we wouldn’t want that now would we?